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Athens, Georgia
May 30, 2004
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The Konfinos originally came from Sliven and later Sofia, Bulgaria, where they survived the Holocaust years. They came to the United States in 1959 from Israel, where they moved after the war. Anri was born in 1917 and Fina (Gozes) was born in 1923. They went to Elberton, Georgia because Anri’s brother-in-law had a ladies’ clothing factory there. They lived in Sofia throughout the German occupation which began in 1941. Their son was born in Bulgaria. The king, Boris III, was pro-German and the government was pro-German. Anri was sent to forced labor building roads. On March 10, 1943 the Germans decided to deport the Bulgarian Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. The day the first transport was supposed to leave, the deportations were cancelled. While the Bulgarians did not deport their Jews to the death camps in Poland they did banish them from large town like Sofia, sending them to small towns throughout the country. Anri also returned to forced labor. On September 8, 1944 the Russians liberated Anri from the labor camp. After the war, Bulgaria came under the Soviet Communist umbrella and in 1946 all the factories were nationalized, including the factory of Anri's father, which manufactured sunflower oil. Under the Russians Anri and Fina saw that there was no future for Jews in Bulgaria and together with 3,000 Jews they left Bulgaria by ship in 1949. They almost sank on the journey. They arrived in Haifa where they kissed the ground. In Elberton they rapidly settled into small town life and raised their son, David. They enjoyed excellent relations with the Christian neighbors and experienced no antisemitism. They became deeply involved in the community life of Elberton. In 1960, Louis Patz, who lived in Elberton, was killed in a plane crash at Orly Field in Paris, France. The Patz family had befriended them and Louis was the one who brought them to the Temple in Athens, Georgia.

OHC-Anri and Fina Konfino

Anri and Fina Konfino - Oral History

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